Refund Policy

Our Refund, Return and Cancellation Information.

Refund Policy

When payment fails or i misplace an order will i get refund ?
Payment gateway will return your money if there are any errors, misplaced orders will be processed after you apply for cancellation.
Contact us in case of any delays or enquiries

Return Policy

Will my money & parcel be returned to me if i cancel a parcel or if my parcel is not delivered ?
Cancellation might charge a little but if your parcel is rejected or is not delivered due to some problems then you'll get refunds in your bank account within 24 hours also your parcel will get back to from address.
Contact us in case of any delays or enquiries

Cancellation Policy

Can I cancel my order?
If you’ve changed your mind and want to cancel your request, you may do so before the product pickup.

How to cancel an order?

You may cancel the order by following the below mentioned steps:
1. Go to the “History” section after logging in on the app/website
2. Select your order
3. Click on “Cancel” button

We will initiate instant refund once we receive your cancellation request. However, it may take some time to reflect in your source account.